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Honest, Ethical, Experienced, with 20 years of experience in Non-Profits, Unions, and the Military
Thanks for doing your research and getting to know the candidates you're supporting. Informed voters are the bedrock of our democracy. I decided to run as I noticed that while Arvada is growing rapidly, the new homes aren't affordable for regular Arvadans. My college-aged kids and my mom who just retired live with me because they can't get a place. And, Arvada is behind $191 million dollars in deferred maintenance and capital improvement projects for our infrastructure. Yet, we keep adding homes normal people, like nurses making $120,000 a year, can't afford!
As a leader, I am more pro-active in finding sources of funding for our infrastructure rather than let developers run the city. As a non-profit professional for 20 years, I have broad experience in policy governance, which is the actual job of being on City Council - passing policy and ensuring the city is acting in accordance to the policies. I'll use incentives to ensure we have the right type of development in Arvada, like a 55+ housing active community that will free up the single home supply in Arvada. 
Another part of being on City Council is being a leader that represents you. I've knocked on over 7,000 doors in Arvada to talk to 10,000 people about what they love about Arvada and listen to what we need as a community. On City Council, I'll continue this outreach because I'm working for you and want to find a solution to what you need, even if the city isn't the right agency to do it. 
If you'd like to get to know me more personally, you can watch the videos or read the blog posts below! 
Shawna smiling during doorknocking in Denver

You make all the difference. Let's win this together.

Donating to the campaign today ensures we have the right kind of leadership on our council and a beautiful future for our city. 

We can only make it across the finish line with your help! YOU are why I am running and we can only do this together. Thank you! 

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