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What people have to say about Shawna:

Allison Phipps, Art Director

“Shawna is a dedicated community advocate. She loves Arvada and wants to help ensure it is affordable to residents to live here and environmentally sustainable as it grows. She has the leadership skills to get it done but also the communications skills to make sure every neighbor has input and feels heard!"

Ann Katzburg, Teachers' Union Leader

"Shawna’s experiences and background make her the ideal council member. She is solution oriented and has the creativity to move Arvada forward towards a prosperous future." 

Robin Kupernik, Health Care Worker

"I’m excited for Shawna to be on City Council because she prioritizes affordable housing options for working families, and supporting any growth with the infrastructure needed."

Dar-Lon Chang, Environmental Expert

“Shawna stands strong with what my neighborhood stands for, and she's shown me that she'll take strong action to protect the future of Arvada."

Doug Kelly, Facilities Manager

"I am so impressed with Shawna and what she can bring to help Arvada. She is very passionate in what she plans to assist Arvada and its community."

Gabriella McConnel, Grad Student

"Happy to support progressive community leaders. The future is looking bright! :)"

In addition to these endorsements, Shawna is publicly supported by these Arvadans:

Robin Kupernick - Health Care Worker

Bruce Morrison - Retiree

Mindy Mohr - Retiree

Pam Thompson - JeffCo Schools Retiree

Angela Kepler - Athletic Trainer

Ann Katzburg - Teachers' Union Leader

Laura Andes -  Non-Profit Leader

Gabby McConnel - Grad Student

Gayle Needs - Retiree

Rachel Reed - Spiritual Director

Doug Kelly - Facilities Manager

Shirley Stevens - Retiree

Aurilla Woodburn - Author

Karen Gerbatsch - Retiree

Stephen Thompson - HVAC Lead Tech

Allison Phipps - Art Director

Katie Johnson - Retiree

Bonnie O'Connell - Retiree

Fran Swisher - Retiree

Georgia Duncan - Retiree

Alex Pray - Engineer

Julie Callahan - Retiree

MaryAnn & Dennis Larsen - Retirees

Pat Malone - Retiree

Sarah Kozloff - Retiree

Kent O'Dell - Retiree

Ben & Maggie Roe - Minister

Sondra Boers - Retiree

Geoff Bruce - Education

Karen Davidson - Special Education Teacher

Dar-Lon Chang - Environmental Expert

Barbara Bailey - Education, Retired

Kathy Jackson - Education

Les Canges - Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, Retiree

Jim Crider - Education

Lori Micucci - Lawyer

Nancy Murray - Grant Manager

Vicky Lopez - Community Leader

Heather Arnold-Renicker - Professor

Rachel Smallwood - Social Services Director

Cynthia Van Hooser - Retiree

Rotha Randall - Retiree

Check back for more supporters added weekly!

74% of this campaign is funded by Arvadans, for Arvada. Thank you to our endorsers and supporters!

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