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"My mentors taught me that leadership is about kindly nurturing the relationship of those you work with and meeting people where they are. Leadership means being both inspiring and practical. This approach centers compassion and kindness and pays attention to the evidence of what works. Success in governance, in my experience, depends on how faithfully I carry out this philosophy."      - Shawna Ambrose
Environmental Justice

Ensuring we are sustainable, economic, and prepared for climate instability is important. Here's what can be done for our environment

- Access EPA funds to build a comprehensive climate justice plan that helps everyone, especially people who live in areas that might be prone to climate disaster. This climate plan will allows us to access funds from the Inflation Reduction Act to mitigate climate risk and decrease carbon emissions.
- Replace our park turf with native plant species using funding available to municipalities from the passage of state law in 2023 that makes $4 million dollars available for turf replacement. This will conserve water, which will help farmers, ranchers, and others who need water from the Colorado compact. 
- Work on waste options to get curbside composting. 
Safety and the Safety Net

Arvada is showing great promise to keep our city safe while being compassionate towards those who need help. Arvada's One Step program helps unhoused people get the stability they need to get off the streets by navigating them the complicated safety web of government aid and resource profit providers.

With crime on the rise and the Arvada police department needing to recruit 40 more police officers, we have to find solutions now to reduce the burden on our police force while providing public safety. Technological solutions, smart road design, and a civilian crash investigation task force can help with all of these measures. 


Additionally, the First Responder program, in which social and mental health professionals accompany police officers when appropriate, is doing wonderfully and should be expanded to be available 24/7. In city council, I'll work to broaden programs like these to deliver aid to those in need and keep our city safe by investing in our social safety net.

Attainable Housing

Anyone who wants to move here and stay here should be able to afford their homes. Period. A vote for me is a vote for:

- Work to build a 55+ or 65+ community so people can right size when they're ready and free up housing supply for families.

- Ensuring that the 600+ affordable housing units in mixed-used settings that our city council is already advancing will be implemented. 

- First time home buyers are supported through local bank partnerships.

- Elevating programs for older adults to stay in their home.

- Networking robust resources for anyone in our area in danger of losing their home. 

- Work with realtors and homebuilding associations to develop city housing that would have rent that is always at a rate ordinary Arvadans can afford.

- A comprehensive guide for Arvadans of state and federal resources for first time home buyers, veterans, and many other groups to ensure housing is affordable, attainable, and stable.

Strong Local Economy

Arvada is able to stay strong because of its focus on the local business core. On city council, I'd like to keep this momentum going:

- Rebate local small businesses city sales tax through implementing a franchise fee to even the playing field between franchises and local businesses.

- Attract more mid-size businesses to Arvada to diversity the variety of sources in which the city relies on sales tax.

- As the city is behind in infrastructure development projects by $191 million dollars, attract profitable businesses to increase revenue without raising taxes.

- Ensure any new housing development is for everyday Arvadans so people can live and work here instead of having to live in other municipalities. 

Shawna smiling during doorknocking in Denver

You make all the difference. Let's win this together.

Donating to the campaign today ensures we have the right kind of leadership on our council and a beautiful future for our city. 

We can only make it across the finish line with your help! YOU are why I am running and we can only do this together. Thank you! 

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