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The family that votes together, stays together

It's a pretty humbling experience to watch your mom vote for you on the ballot. I'm grateful to everyone who supports this campaign, but especially my mom! Here's what she has to say in voting for this campaign:

"Shawna is someone who always gets things done. She's passionate for the right things, and cares a lot - a lot more than I ever did! I'm proud to vote for her because she really cares about the people who live in Arvada District 2 and will make the whole city better." - Pam

My brother is my first best friend and the hardest person to get to register to vote! We haven't always seen eye to eye on things, so making sure I had a platform he'd be impressed with was important to me! Here's what he says:

"My older sister Shawna is pretty smart about making sure stuff doesn't suck. It takes a lot of work, research, and talking to people to be decent in government, and I'm glad she's running for city council because she's good at that. Thanks for stepping up Shawna, I sure did not want to do it." - Stephen

I'm very proud to have the support of my daughter Rose, who has shown me in so many ways how we can rely on the community here in Arvada. She's doing great as a college student and has a great perspective when it comes to voting! Here's what she said:

"Arvada is pretty great, and I know my mom can help make it better. I've grown up with her taking me to every community meeting and public demonstration she's gone to, and I've learned that she's capable in making awesome changes for communities. Thanks mom for being someone we can rely on." - Rose

Nick's support through every moment of this campaign means more to me than he'll ever know. He knew that people would believe in this campaign even though I've never run for office before, and is always there to make sure the kids are taken care of while I go to yet another campaign event or canvass for one more hour. Thank you Nick, I love you!

"Being in Colorado for quite some time I'm relieved to support someone who can deliver results on affordable housing and safety for our family and for everyone's family. When she told me she wanted to run, I told her she had to, that we could have a wedding and she could run a campaign. Seeing all the people that have come out to help her makes me feel great about Arvada. Thanks to this city for supporting my wife and this campaign for all of us!" - Nick

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