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A wedding and a campaign

Thanks to everyone's well wishes while Nick and I had our wedding in upstate New York this past week. We gathered with our family and friends to celebrate our love and life together. While most of Nick's family is from this area, my family is from Colorado and traveled for a wonderful day of celebration.

Nick is truly wonderful to be by my side as our lives on the campaign and wedding intermingled - always cheerful whether we were discussing reception decor or the latest Arvadan debate - I am so lucky to be with my soul mate.

Our first date was in Olde Town Arvada, and our first kiss was outside of the Arvada Flour Mill. As we raise our kids together at our home near 72nd and Carr, we are so grateful to this place where we fell in love and the kind community that surrounds our family. Our Arvada roots grow deeper every day.

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