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Staying Local

Usually when I go to the doors and say I'm running for city council, I get an earful about our national politics. There is a lot of understandable fear and anger out there. Congress being unable to find a speaker. The increasing divisiveness between political factions. These problems are so big and seem so intractable so people ask me, why on earth would anyone want to get involved in government?

I share their concerns. At the same time, it's been heartening to listen to over 1,000 Arvadans talk about what really matters to them.

Together, we can do something to make affordable and attainable housing a reality for those of us cramped together living with our parents and children, or downsize into a place that's safe. By building an active 55+ community, we can affect the existing housing supply in Arvada and bring in more families to reverse the trend of schools closing.

Together, we can increase our public safety through smart road design that slows cars down, protects kids walking to school and bicyclists. We can ease the burden off our understaffed police force by increasing our first responders program and shifting tasks like traffic accident investigation to civilians.

Together we can create a climate plan that addresses our crumbling infrastructure and ensure it's climate resilient to fires and floods with funds from the inflation reduction act. We can improve our roads and traffic lights to be on par with the cities surrounding us and mitigate the pollution that is more prevalent in District 2 than anywhere else in Arvada.

Together, we can invest in our local small businesses and make it easier for people to get a start here in Arvada by rebating municipal sales tax, instituting franchise fees, and supporting our Chamber of Commerce. We can diversify the sources of funding the city gets by working with the smart plans from the Arvada Economic Development Association.

Together, we can help homeless Arvadans by weaving together the many services offered by non-profits, Jefferson County, the Veteran's Administration, various housing authorities, state and federal aid. As leaders we can never turn our backs on our fellow Arvadans, and must robustly support solutions while enforcing norms of respect and safety.

Together, we can fight for competitive pay and benefits for our workers, like when I joined the picket line for Kaiser workers, or King Soopers' workers, or UAW workers like my friend Albert here in this picture.

Anytime you start to feel a little hopeless about national politics, reach out to your neighbor, and get involved with your city. It's been such a uplifting journey for me to realize that while the news can seem grim, our neighbors care about each other and are working together to keep this city a great place to live.

Get involved by volunteering for the campaign today!

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