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My values: Honest, Ethical, and Experienced

When you decide to vote, you consider the candidate on the issues - but perhaps just as important - you consider the candidate's character. Every step of my career is about integrity, honesty, and having the right experience.


Honesty is critical. I've been a community leader for years, and I've seen how political opportunism ruins communities. My run isn't about my career or scratching the back of some corporate interest. It's about service to you, and honoring the service of council members who are building a terrific city for all of us. It's about our future, in which we are all able to live and thrive in our hometown. Bayard Rustin said "The function of a religious society is to speak truth to power" - and that's my mantra for service and my life.


You need someone that you can trust to do the right thing, even when you're not looking. The rigorous training I've had as a community minister and leader shows an unwavering commitment to our shared values and principles. Doing the right thing isn't always easy, but it's the most rewarding way to make decisions that are the best for our city in the long-term. It also means having honest conversations and inclusive processes to move at the speed of trust. This is a characteristic you know I'll employ with everything I do to represent you.


My style of servant leadership is effective at enacting progress. This quality was evident when I was a nuclear, chemical, and biological chemical weapons specialist in the military. It was clear when we won campaigns for school breakfast with Padres y Jóvenes Unidos in Denver. Or when our community in Carbondale came together to protect undocumented people. It's why I was offered the position of National Faith Engagement Advisor for Pete Buttigieg's presidential campaign (the first woman to hold such a position). My experience in mobilizing thousands of volunteers to help millions of voters at the polls and working with corporations to develop better climate policy is what Arvada needs - someone who knows how to unite businesses, neighborhoods, and elected officials under a common vision for a better life - and to make it happen.

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